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Your health is our job since 1921

Biofarm®, founded in 1921, is one of the first medicines and dietary supplements manufacturers in Romania.

For over 90 years, in joint effort with Romanian specialists, Biofarm® has been on a race to discover the best solutions for maintaining and improving people’s health.

Biofarm® is currently one of the most important soft gelatin capsules Romanian manufacturer, as well as one of the largest tablets and coated tablets domestic producers.



Biofarm® is certified to the international standard EN ISO 9001:2008 and in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Guideline for all its production lines.

Since 2005, the company’s shares have been listed within Category I on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. Since Ianuary 15th 2015, the company’s shares have been listed within the Premium Category.

International presence

Biofarm® products are marketed in 10 countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Moldavian Republic, Mongolia, Russia, Ukraine and Hungary.

One of Biofarm®’s objectives is to continuously diversify external markets, mainly aiming at developing relationships with strategic partners from Eastern and Western Europe.


High quality products

Biofarm® has a competitive portfolio of over 200 products, covering 61 therapeutical areas.

Biofarm® products arerecognized and appreciated by many generations of patients/ consumers for their therapeutic qualitiesas well as for the affordable prices.

The most renowned Biofarm® products include Colebil®, Triferment®, Bixtonim®, Cavit®, Carmol®, Anghirol® as well as newly emerged on the market Devaricid®, Sennalax®, Carbocit®, Difebiom® with Lutein and Hepatoprotect®.


Having the patient’s well-being in mind, Biofarm® produces dietary supplements that respect the same quality standards as medicines, due to the fact that they’re manufactured on the same production lines – audited and certified by the National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices according to Good Manufacturing Practice Guideline (GMP)

. Furthermore, the product series are issued by Qualified Persons in accordance with EU directives and Good Manufacturing Practice Guideline.

R&D team

Biofarm® has top research laboratories, modern production lines and a very well trained team of experts that develop new products by combining the best ingredients in optimal concentrations. Because we care about your health!


We can meet on Facebook!

We can meet on Facebook!

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Carbocit® online

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