The Romanian drug manufacturer targets a 15% turnover increase in 2021. The company plans to obtain a value of sales revenues of over 251 million lei.

With a strong and valuable portfolio, Biofarm has set among its objectives the growth of both local sales and exports to strategic markets.

The drug manufacturer has an investment plan of over 47 million lei for 2021. Part of the amount has already been allocated to the endowment of the production unit opened by Biofarm in 2021 with top equipment and installations.

The manufacturer will direct the investments towards increasing the efficiency of the activities carried out in the production unit located on Logofătul Tăutu Street towards the arrangement of office spaces, but also towards technology, in line with international GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification standards. In addition, part of the investment budget will be allocated to the renewal of the car fleet.

"For us, 2021 has many different meanings and strategic objectives as we mark a century of activity, but also new beginnings. The completion of the construction and the endowment with top equipment of the production unit that we opened this year contributes to the increase of the production and allows us implicitly to expand on new markets. Thus, we keep our promise to invest every year in the future.", said Cătălin Vicol, General Manager of Biofarm.

Last year, the Romanian drug manufacturer managed to consolidate its leadership in terms of value in the Consumer Healthcare (CHC) segment. Seven brands in the category of digestive & metabolism, cold & flu and food supplements maintained their position as market leaders, in terms of consumption, and contributed to gaining a position in the CHC category, ending the year on the 4th place in the local pharmaceutical industry top companies, by reference to the PPP (Pharmacy Purchase Price).

Biofarm will allocate 40% of the net income of about 54 million lei registered in 2020 for dividends, resulting in a gross value of 0.022 RON per share. 

In the context of the health crisis generated by the Covid-19 pandemic, Biofarm has taken all measures to ensure that the company's activity continues without syncope. The company has implemented all health safety measures to prevent the spread of the virus according to legal regulations. Therefore, some of the company's employees continue to work from home while the teams involved in the manufacturing process follow a program adapted to the situation, but which allows production to operate at full capacity. Moreover, preventive testing for SARS-CoV-2 of employees was ensured proactively and work spaces were adapted to social distancing by limiting the number of employees present in a certain time interval in the common workspace.