Pharmaceutical form:



Box with 2 blisters Al/PVC of 20 tablets each.


One tablet contains 1 mg of Colchicine


Acute gout crisis treatment.
Prophylaxis of acute gout crises in patients with chronic gout, when a hypouricemia treatment is started.


Acute gout crisis
It is necessary to start the treatment as soon as possible.
In the first day, a dose of 3 tablets of Colchicine (3 mg of Colchicine) is administered, divided in 3 doses; on the second day, the third dose is of 2 tablets of Colchicine (2 mg of Colchicine divided in 2 doses (in the morning and in the evening); in the fourth day, the maintenance dose is of 1 tablet of Colchicine (1 mg of Colchicine) administered in the evening.
Higher doses can be used when necessary, divided in several doses, for example ½ tablet of Colchicine (0.5 mg Colchicine) every 2 hours, until pain disappears or until occurrence of dyspeptic phenomena, which require treatment interruption. It is recommended to not exceed 6 tablets of Colchicine (6 mg of Colchicine) per day.
Prophylaxis of acute crisis
The recommended dose is of 1 tablet of Colchicine (1 mg of Colchicine) per day, administered for a few months (3-6), with breaks of 10-15 days; optionally, the regime without breaks can be used, with the dose of ½ -1 tablet of Colchicine (0.5 - 1 mg of Colchicine), daily or every 2 days, depending on syndrome severity.

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