What should I do in order to be able to sell the shares owned at S.C. BIOFARM S.A.?

In order to sell the shares owned at S.C. BIOFARM S.A. the account statement must be obtained with a history from the "Depozitarul Central” of Bucharest or from one of the working points from the country.

Account history and summary of account positions

Account history emphasizes inputs and outputs of financial instruments in and from the holder of the account opened in Section I of the register (holders’ accounts section of financial instruments who do not have an account opened with a Participant to the clearing-settlement system and register), emphasized in chronological order. The summary of account positions emphasizes all financial instruments from the holders’ accounts, financial instruments held at different issuers.

Account history and the summary of account positions are issued upon the request of the account holder or at the request of the person authorized by him/her by special power of attorney authenticated with the notary public, by the office of the "Depozitarul Central”, based on the following documents:
• application for the issuance of account history or account positions summary;
• identity card of the account holder or the copy of the Tax Identification Number;
• mandate for the authorised person, in case the issuance of the account history or of the account positions summary is performed upon request of the person authorised in this respect authenticated;
• proof of payment corresponding to the operation of issuance of account statement for individuals.

In order to issue the account history and the account positions summary, the above mentioned documents can be transmitted to the "Depozitarul Central” from no. 34-36 Carol I Bd., 8th floor, postal code 020922, Bucharest.

After obtaining the account statement in order to sell the shares, you should contact a financial investment services company authorized by the National Securities Commission.

Additional relations may be requested from S.C. Depozitarul Central S.A. of Bucharest, 2nd City District, no. 34-36 Carol I Bd., 3rd, 8th and 9th floors, postal code 020922, telephone (021) 408.58.00, 408.58.46 or from the working points in the country.