What should I do if I am the heir of shares of a deceased relative?

Operation of direct transfers on financial instruments from the account of a deceased person to the accounts of heirs, upon their application, is performed at the office of "Depozitarul Central”, based on the following documents:
• application for performing the direct transfer;
• mandate, if transfer operation for the cause of death is performed upon application of the authorised person in this respect;
• copy of the death certificate;
• copy of the heir / legatee certificate;
• Court ruling for opening the succession and/or dividing the succession.
• identity cards of the heir /heirs and/or the authorised person;
• partition document authenticated at the notary, as applicable;
• application for agreement between the heirs signed by all heirs before an authorised operator of the "Depozitarul Central”, as applicable;
• proof for payment corresponding to the transfer operation for the death cause.

In order to perform the transfer for the death cause, the above mentioned documents can be transmitted to the "Depozitarul Central” and through the Participants issuing account statements, as well as through postal services by registered letter (with acknowledgment of receipt) transmitted at the "Depozitarul Central” office from no. 34 – 36 Carol I Bd., 2nd City District, 8th floor, postal code 020922, Bucharest.

In case you have inheritance entitlement, you should contact one of the working points of the register company or the "Depozitarul Central” of Bucharest, 2nd City District, no. 34-36 Carol I Bd., 3rd, 8th and 9th floors, postal code 020922, telephone (021) 408.58.67, 408.59.08, 408.58.70.