100 years of experience have prepared us for several things: responsibility, commitment, innovation and balance and, above all, the fact that these values only make sense if they are placed to assist the consumers. This is why at Biofarm® we work every day, hour by the hour, for the people, for their health and well-being.

We are one of the top 10 manufacturers of medicines on the highly competitive Romanian market.

We are the most important Romanian manufacturer of soft gelatin capsules, among the first 3 Romanian producers of solutions and suspensions for oral administration and one of the largest manufacturers of tablets and capsules in Romania. To preserve this position and to advance in our business, we certify and periodically re-certify to the highest international standard all systems, production lines and any other aspect of our commitment - the best quality products at affordable prices.

We have over 100 products in our portfolio and we cover over 60 therapeutic areas. On 8 of them, Biofarm® is a market leader, a record that honours and compels us to do more.

We are expanding, though we are already present in 12 other countries - Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Georgia, Iraq, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Russia, Hungary, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan - as we continue the expansion to new markets. In 2018 export was 4% of the turnover. We aim to increase the percentage by up to 10%.

The most famous Biofarm® brands have written history, and the fact that after so many years since their introduction to the market, they are still highly appreciated shows their indisputable quality:


1928* - Carmol®

1959 - Triferment®

1959 - Anghirol®

1964 - Cavit®

1965 - Colebil®

It is precisely this expertise and the constant consultation of our consumers that compels us to go further and expand our product range with some new, modern ones, which will meet the most up-to-date needs of patients and specialists.

Thus, Devaricid®, Sennalax®, Nervocalmin®, Extravalerianic®, Protecardin®, Carbocit®, Difebiom® Bioflu®, Septosol® and Hepatoprotect® were developed.

Biofarm® shares are traded on the Bucharest Stock Exchange - Category I starting with 2005. Starting with January 5, 2015, the shares of the company are classified in the Premium Category.

* Carmol® was registered as a trademark in 1978