Biofarm products are present in 12 countries

Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Georgia, Iraq, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Russia, Hungary, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan.

In 2018 export was 4% of the turnover. We aim to increase the export percentage, thus being one of the main objectives in Biofarm medium and long-term growth strategy. Biofarm aims at diversifying its export markets while developing close connections with strategical Western and Eastern European partners.

Biofarm dorește să își diversifice permanent piețele de export, urmărind în special dezvoltarea relațiilor cu parteneri strategici din Europa de Est și de Vest.

External markets long-term strategy includes:
• Export sales represent at least 10% of the total sales of the company
• Registration of new product files
• Opening of new offices
• Entering new markets