In the R&D department we carry out studies for the development of new pharmaceutical formulas, we develop and validate methods for evaluating intermediate and finished products. Also, our specialists develop new pharmaceutical formulas together with the related technological processes, ensure the transfer of technology from the laboratory to the pilot station and the industrial production and validate the technological processes for the new products.

The research and development team consist of highly skilled specialists, and our laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

Given the importance of this sector in the development of the company, Biofarm will permanently invest both in the qualification of the research and development team to be always up to date with the latest discoveries in the field, as well as in the modernization of the equipment.

To ensure deliverance of our best solutions to our customers' needs, the Pharmacovigilance department established a system to collect all information regarding the side effects of our products and to deliver that information to authorities, as regulated by European regulations.