Every successful company is led by an extraordinary team of professionals.

We proudly say about ourselves that we are a strong and united team. Together we carry on our mission of doing good every day through everything we achieve at Biofarm®.

Cătălin Vicol

Managing Director

Cătălin is our expert in business strategy, strategic planning and team management. He makes sure that our mission of doing good is carried on. With Catalin in charge, we know that the present and the future of the company are in good hands.

Mihai Zoescu

Chief Financial Officer

Mihai is a finance specialist with a solid experience in this field. He is responsible for coordinating and supervising the financial activities of the company, in order to ensure the correct and efficient management of all transactions, as well as compliance with the regulations in force.

Petruța Stoicescu

Manufacturing Manager

She started her career at Biofarm 30 years ago and is now successfully managing the development and implementation of all matters related to the production process. From long-term planning to the smallest details, Petruța makes sure that all Biofarm products meet the quality standards and respect our mission to do good.

Ioana Gorănescu

Marketing Manager

Ioana is the marketing expert we rely on to present ourselves correctly in front of our customers. With an overview on all the changes happening in the market, she helps us constantly adapt and through her passion and experience, all our plans become reality.

Alina Covaci

Regulatory Affairs Manager

In a complicated industry, Alina ensures that we operate in full compliance with the rules and laws in place. She is responsible to guide us and help us stay in line with all the important changes that can affect our company and to keep our promises to our customers and partners.

Dănuț Iorga

Field Force Manager

With a considerable experience in sales of almost 24 years, we can say that Dănuț is a true sales expert. He successfully manages the process from the ground up and ensures that even the smallest detail is put in place so that we can achieve our most ambitious goals.

Dragoș Moise

Trade Manager

Dragoș is responsible for our entire distribution chain. He has very good knowledge about the pharmaceutical market and the needs of our customers but, most importantly, he knows what our patients need. Through his work, he ensures that Biofarm products get to where the people need them.

Maria Bogde

Human Resources Manager

Maria is our specialist in the management of the company's staff and in the management of recruitment processes. With her help, the right people get the right job and the needs of every Biofarm employee are treated fairly and are always at the heart of our concerns.

Lucian Bogaciu

Administrative Manager

Lucian coordinates the administrative department of the company and we rely on him every day. He manages all the company's administrative processes seamlessly so that all of our business is carried out in the best possible conditions.

Diana Vizitiu

Controlling & Reporting Manager

We all make mistakes, but not Diana. Diana has an overview on the company's entire financial activity. We rely on her to supervise and organize all aspects of controlling and reporting related to this activity and to ensure that we are in line with all the legal requirements in place.

Claudia Matei

Chief Accountant

The complex and mysteries ways of accounting are not a challenge for Claudia. All the financial transactions of the company are in her reliable hands that have always been up to date with all the rapid changes in legislation and requirements.

Daniel Constantin

Legal & IR Manager

Daniel represents and presents us correctly before the law. With his help, the daily activity of the company does not deviate from the rules and norms in force.

Florin Taloi

IT Manager

With 26 years of experience in the IT field and 12 years in our team, Florin manages the IT infrastructure of Biofarm and together with his team, any problem that addresses the IT department. Thanks to him, computer science finds the balance between the GMP and the exuberance of Marketing.

Tatiana Patoi

Export Manager

Organized is the term that best describes Tatiana who bas been managing opportunities to develop external partnerships for over 16 years. Among others, she has been negotiationg with Importers and Distributors in our markets of interest and has succesfully developed Sales strategies across international markets in order to bring Biofarm products closer to our consumers.