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Sales and Marketing

In 2013, the Romanian pharmaceutical market had to face the negative impact of an economic and financial crisis, whose main effect was the national currency depreciation relative to the euro. This combined with the administrative measures being adopted in the recent years, such as generic medicines pricing method, the extension of payment terms for reimbursed/free-of-charge drugs or the introduction of the clawback system have finally led, according to the market reports, to a liquidity crisis, to blockages in the normal functioning of both pharmacies and distributors and to a decline in the number of units sold to population.

Despite this context, year 2013 brought an increase of sales over 2012.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned results, Biofarm invested extensively in its product promotion campaigns, so as to ensure their better recognition among professionals and customers. Biofarm products were promo-ted through integrated marketing campaigns, meaning both media channels (TV, radio and written press) and sales campaigns targeting customers and healthcare professionals.

As far as media channelled promotion is concerned, in 2013 Biofarm increased on-screen exposure for the products having been promoted on TV stations during the previous year. Furthermore, Biofarm developed its medical promotion team in order to ensure coverage of new specialties in this field, for the purpose of inducing a favourable acknowledgement of Biofarm products by health professionals.

Meanwhile, Biofarm continued to improve and diversify its product portfolio with over 200 products and became a market leader in 11 therapeutical areas. The quality of its products, its competitive offers and effective promotion strategies placed Biofarm amongst the top 10 drug manufacturers, in terms of commercial units sales.

One of the company’s main values is the concern for the patient. On that account, part of Biofarm policy in 2013 was to ensure that its products are affordable to those customers whose purchasing power was eroded to a great extent by the economic and financial crisis affecting our country in the last few years.

The results acquired over the past year render evident the fact that Biofarm enjoys recognition among customers as being a manu-facturer of highly qualitative medicines and food supplements, at affordable prices and with therapeutical effects that are widely appreciated by entire generations of patients.