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Domestic Market

Biofarm’s portfolio includes more than 200 products which cover approximately 61 therapeutical areas.

Biofarm is a market leader in 11* therapeutical areas: Calcium-containing products, choleretics and cholekinetics, nasal corticosteroids, digestive agents (including enzymes), Vitamin A, paediatric products, Vitamin E, antiseptic and anti-infective medications for oral cavity, inhalants, otic solutions containing corticosteroids, combinations with Vitamin D, prolactin inhibitors and other combinations with corticosteroids.

The traditional brands of the company such as Colebil®, Triferment® and Bixtonim®are among the top best-selling products.

With more than 9 decades of expertise and tradition on the Romanian market, Biofarm products are recognised and appreciated by many generations of patients.