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Cavit Junior® plus Iron

Iron means strength!

Cavit Junior® plus Iron

Therapeutic area

Vitamins, minerals & immunostimulators



Multivitamins, Minerals

Pharmaceutical form

Vanilla flavoured chewable tablets


4 blister packs of 5 chewable tablets each


One chewable tablet contains: Ionic Iron 7 mg, Vitamin A 0.6 mg, Vitamin B1 0.44 mg, Vitamin B2 0.6 mg, Vitamin PP (Vitamin B3) 3 mg, Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) 4.6 mg, Vitamin B6 0.49 mg, Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid) 0.1 mg, Vitamin C 60 mg, Vitamin D3 0.005 mg, Vitamin E 4.55 mg, Beta-carotene 30% 0.4 mg, Biotin (Vitamin H or Vitamin B7) 0.01 mg, Calcium Gluconate 181.9 mg (equivalent of 17 mg ionized calcium)


The presence of iron in the product sustains normal cognitive function, optimal red bood cells and hemoglobin formation and the process of oxygen transport in the body. Recommended for: - all conditions that require an increased intake of vitamins and calcium; - unbalanced diet, lack of appetite (inappetence); - excessive fatigue, lack of energy.


Children 1-14 years old: 1 chewable tablet/ day.


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