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R&D Capabilities

R&D department conducts pre-formulation studies in order to create new pharmaceutical formulas, develops and validates analytical methods for the intermediate and finite product assessment. Our specialists also devise new pharmaceutical formulas along with their corre-lative technological processes, ensure the tech-nology transfer from the research laboratory to the pilot and to the industrial production and validates the technological processes for the new products.

We have an R&D team of very well trained experts and laboratories that are provided with High-tech up-to-date equipment.

Given the importance of this sector for the company's development, Biofarm will continually invest in its equipment modernization and in R&D team training, so as to be in touch with the latest findings in the pharmaceutical domain.

Since our goal is to provide the best response to our customers’ needs, our Pharmacovigilance Division devised a system of collecting all relevant information in reference to various adverse reactions to our products, and then making them available for the public in at least one site within the European Union.