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Biofarm Trademarks

Biofarm trademarks were created in response to our customer’s needs and expectations. They generate recognition and add value to the pro-ducts and the company, projecting a promise of quality, professionalism, efficacy and accessibi-lity. Through its well-designed and well-managed brands Biofarm built a favourable reputation with its customers, clients and consumers and succeeded in raising their level of confidence. Biofarm brands are able to influence consumer behaviour by creating trust, acknowledgement and emotional connections or by ensuring transparency.

Being well aware of the value of its brands, Biofarm is constantly investing in the development and promotion of its own trademarks.


To date, Biofarm has registered numerous trademarks (slogans, graphical or verbal forms) at S.O.I.T (State Office for Inventions and Trademarks), many of which having a tradition of at least 40 years on the Romanian market.

TrifermentÆ, ColebilÆ, CavitÆ, AnghirolÆ, ClorocalcinÆ and BixtonimÆ are but a few of the best known and oldest Biofarm brands. Other familiar company brands are CarmolÆ, PinovitalÆ, HepatoprotectÆ, AscolecitinÆ and MecoparÆ. On the other hand, there are new brands such as BiofluÆ, DavaricidÆ, SennalaxÆ, CarbocitÆ or CarbicholÆ which will become premium brands, due to their therapeutical efficacy.