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over 90 years of tradition and science

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Why join our team?

Beyond years of tradition in the pharmaceutical industry and the reputation created over time, there are no less than 3 relevant arguments that could determine you to work with us. Regardless of professional experience and education, our team is willing to give you a chance and thus contribute to: 

• Being able to work and learn with passionate and professional people. By working with us you will be able to meet people who continuously achieve high performance in thier fields. Our professionals will guide you to new directions which will complete and develop your working style and the way you capitalize on your abilities and knowledge.

• Feeling proud of working in a renowned pharmaceutical company. Being one of the oldest medicines manufacturers on the Romanian market, continuously devoted to improving people’s health and guided by a set of values shared by all employees, Biofarm is constantly trying to rise up to your expectations and to inspire your passion for innovation.
• Making a difference in your way to a successful career. By joining our team you will have the possibility not only to set a strong base for your career, but also to strengthen a path characterized only by professionalism, competition and achieving the most daring and challenging goals. In our team you will find an environment where innovative thinking and initiative are always appreciated.

Biofarm team is oriented to performance. Therefore we want determined people in our team, who are comitted to make a difference and give a new valence to the career notion.